Book Design – Typesetting

We offer two custom book design services:

Simple Interior

If you’re looking to reach more readers by giving them the option to read in their preferred format? Our Simple Interior book design service provides you with a high-quality print file and a Kindle/EPUB file that is indistinguishable from that of a major publishing house (and certainly more aesthetically pleasing than a POD’s design specialist can deliver).

Your book will be created by a seasoned design expert (who has typeset books for major publishers ranging from Warner Books to Hachette to Penguin) to make your book ready for publication. This package starts at $199.

Custom Interior

If you book needs more panache and punch or those visual hallmarks in accordance to your book’s tone, then we will design a unique interior – bespoke in every way – to appeal to your target reading audience. The Custom Interior package provides tailored options designed to create a most enjoyable reading experience. You will work with our book design experts to prepare your interior for publication.

Both services include:

  • custom table of contents
  • premium typeface/font
  • customize headers, footers & pagination
  • guarantee your book file uploads to whichever publishing/distribution entity of your choice (e.g., CreateSpace, Lulu, BookBaby, IngramSpark, Lightning Source, etc.)

This package starts at $299

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