Kindle & EPUB Design

As much as I all love printed books, digital publishing is its rival and (sometimes equal). The eBook provides a different opportunity to distribute your work, one that I’ll assist you in maximising.

The digital book, or eBook, provides a different opportunity to distribute your work and reach a wider on-the-go audience, one that we’ll assist you in obtaining.

However, an eBook certainly isn’t a printed book in its design, formatting, and overall end-user experience.

You will need someone well-versed in the technology and the various platforms and how to present your book in an optimal manner to take advantage of all that eBooks have to offer.

Which Format?

We have extensive experience in designing and formatting ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle/KDP, MOBI, ePub, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Apple’s iBooks.

If you’re unfamiliar with the various ebook formats, we’ll be happy to explain the pros and cons of the formats. Then we work with you to upload validated files to whichever eBook publishing entity you’ve entrusted to distribute your ebook.

There’s a delicate method in creating these files, so the reader has as seamless a reading experience as possible, and that is where we focus.

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